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BESSt Formula is now available for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

The program is available in 2 different versions:

As a standalone program, BESSt 2.0, which includes:

- BESSt 1.0, BESSt 2.0 Myopia, BESSt 2.0  Hyperopia formulas

As part of a more complete program, Eye Pro which includes:

  1. -BESSt 1.0, BESSt 2.0 Myopia, BESSt 2.0 Hyperopia formulas

  2. -Standard 3rd Generation IOL formulas (SRK/T, Hoffer Q)

- Astigmatism Vector Analysis (K values / Refractions)

- Visual Acuity Converter (LogMar, Decimal, Snellen)

- Spectacle/Corneal Refraction Plane Converter

  1. -Polar/Cartesian Notation Converter

  2. -Thick (GOF) & Thin Lens Equation

  3. -...and more to come in the future FREE updates!

For more detailed Info and Screenshots visit or look for Eye Pro or BESSt 2.0 in iTunes.


  1. From your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad: just click on the App Store icon (WiFi or 3G required) and search for Eye Pro or BESSt 2.0.

  2. From your PC or Mac: click on the BESSt 2.0 or Eye Pro icons above to be transferred to the Apple Store (via iTunes). After purchasing the application, this will be transferred to your device the next time you synchronise it with iTunes.


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