BESST II IOL POWER CALCULATOR                                    


1. Install the latest BESSt II IOL Power Calculator - Direct Import

  1. Download the Direct Import version from the Download Area.

  2. Install it on the same PC where the Pentacam unit is installed.*

  3. Activate BESSt with a License Key as described in the Download Area.

2. Configuring Pentacam for Direct Export to BESSt II (one off)

  1. Start Pentacam.

  2. Click on Settings / Miscellaneous Settings, as in the 2 screen shots below.

  1. Click on the Export Tab and fill in the 3rd Party Export settings exactly as shown in the screen shot below (the directory may need to be changed if you have not installed BESSt II in the default directory). At the end click on Save.

  1. Congratulations, the configuration is now complete and you will notice that a new button called “BESS II” has been created next to “Settings”. From now onwards you’ll have to click on it to export values to BESSt II.

3. Performing your first Direct Export from Pentacam to BESSt II

  1. Choose patient and eye from the database and click on Pentacam.

  1. Inspect the scan and make sure there are no artefacts or warnings.

  1. Click on the “BESSt II” button that was created during the previous steps.

  2. A window as the one below will appear. Select the scan you want to use for the calculation (1 scan only). Important: make sure you are selecting the correct Eye (R/L) and Scan (compare the scan time). Click on OK.

  1. Now BESSt II IOL Power Calculator will launch automatically with all the Pentacam values and patient info already present in the calculation window (Name, Surname, Hospital No, Eye, CCT, Ant r, Post r). Sph Aberr will be automatically set to Zero. This is temporary until a uniform notation will be available across different Pentacam units.  

  2. The only thing left to do is to select the formula you want to use and enter AL, Target Refraction and IOL A-Constant and press Calculate.

  3. Please note that nothing will be saved in the database until the Calculate button is pressed. It is therefore advisable to export to BESSt II when the AL value is already available. If needed, all values can be changed at a later stage by selecting the record of choice from the database and clicking on “Recalculate with selected data”.

*BESSt II Direct Import is also compatible with the Off-line version of the Pentacam software but a separate License is required.


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